Stay Alert From Immigration Fraud With These Tips

Immigration is such a field where the scope of fraud is quite high. You can notice many incidents of immigration frauds on the newspaper frequently. The main reason for that is the lack of knowledge among the general people who want to settle down in different countries. From taking the name of any reputed consultancy or misguide the clients, they have done different things like WVP International Frauds in recent times.

To avoid any unpleasant incident many companies have launched anti-fraud policy so that no one can misuse their brand name. The WVP International Frauds is such an incident where they train new customers how to stay safe from the con for immigration service.

Here are the guidelines provided by the reputed names in the industry that will help the people to stay safe while trying to apply for the visa.

· You need to avoid any person at the airport who comes to help you with your immigration work without asking.

· If you want to take help of the immigration consultancy, then search for the authentic one on online and visit their office.

· Every registered consultancy has their registration number for immigration of any particular country. Before committing for the service always ask for the registered number and check their authenticity.

· You need to check online about the reputation of the company. In case, you will find anything suspicious, it is advisable to avoid that consultancy.  

· Always ask for the receipt for any kind of financial transaction. Genuine companies always provide those without asking.

· Never consult any employee of the reputed consultancy personally. They may promise you to do the job in less amount of package and end up in application rejection. It is also advisable not to any kind of a financial transaction with any individual of immigration consultancy. 

· When you will visit the office of the immigration consultant, make sure CCTV cameras are installed to track the activities of their employees.

· Social media pages and feedback columns are the two most prominent aspects to get to know about the company.

Following all these rules, WVP International Frauds have become history as they are proven as effective ways to get rid of scams.

How to Make Your Immigration Company Complaint Proof

When you are running a business there is a high chance that you will get bad reviews and complaint. The social media along with many other blessings brings some blight as well. Not always the complaints posted on the internet are genuine; maybe that is a business tactic of the competitors. And there are some customers who always find some faults in the process. Those unsatisfied souls are hard to please and they bring out their frustration on social media pages. Along with that, many people don’t have an idea about the process of immigration and complaint about the agency for the rejection of the application.

To understand the scenario, we can take the case study of how does WVP International Complaints proof itself.
In the immigration process, WVP International always takes it to stand to provide transparent services.

Honest Analyze: The main reason behind the WVP International Complaints proof status is the honest analysis of the profile of the applicant. They don’t make fake promises to their customers and point out the drawbacks they have in their respective profiles. The agency also suggests the best way to rectify those points to enhance the chances of approval.

Quality Service: Most of the immigration agencies neglect in the basic application process. WVP International Complaints about it several times that they don’t even check the spelling on the application form. However, it is the policy of the company to provide the best possible service to the customers. They have different teams of experienced people who attend them with full dedication. The application form and other documents are verified in different stages to ensure accurate submission.

Transparency in Payment: They have a transparent payment procedure where every customer gets the receipts for all transaction. They have different payment options to give customers the most suitable way to pay them.

Customer Relationship: WVP International always works for building a strong relationship with their customers. When you have trust in your immigration agents, the result will be always good. It will earn a good review and positive feedback for the company.

Things You Should Know Skilled Australia Visa To Avoid Any Confusion

Australia has some real shortcoming for skilled labors in different sectors. So, the immigration department has launched a special program through which skilled workers from all over the world immigrate, work and live in this country. On the other hand, there are many incidents reported to the WVP International Frauds complain section that people have faced in this particular visa program.

From the reports of the WVP International Frauds complain section, you can see that the major part of the people affected due to the lack of information.

What is the Skilled Independent Visa Australia?

This visa which is also commonly known as Subclass 189 is a point base process to apply for the permanent residency in Australia. This program was designed to meet the shortcoming of Australia’s labour requirements.

The applicant who gets approval for the skilled visa can enjoy many benefits just like a citizen of the country.

  • He/she can live and work in anywhere in Australia
  • He/she can enjoy the medical benefits under the Medicare system
  • He/she can apply for the citizenship of Australia
  • He/she can sponsor any eligible family member to immigrate in Australia

The main thing you should know the eligibility of the visa. As it is one of the popular visas that offer huge benefits to the immigrants, many people apply for it without checking whether they are entitled to the program or not. As there are some particular occupations which are listed under their website, people who don’t belong to those categories end up in rejection of the application form.

If you go to the WVP International Frauds section, then you can see that the profession of the applicant has been removed or not present in the list. For that reason, you have to select any occupations that are valid and under the list of the skilled independent visa for Australia. Apart from the profession, you need to score on factors like age, education, language proficiency, experience, adaptability, etc. The age of the applicant must be under 49 years and the skilled applied for must be assessed from any recognized authority.

Why Australian Immigration Has Become So Difficult

The immigration policy of different nations keeps changing. There are a few countries like Australia, Canada and the USA where many people dream to settle and every year millions of applications submit with this hope. Among all these countries, Australia is known for its warmth towards the immigrants for many years. Due to the lacking of skilled workers, there has been always a demand for qualified and skilled people. However, many people on the online forum of WVP International Complaint that they are facing difficulty like never before to gain Australia PR Visa.

WVP International analyzes the Complaint and comes up with the most probable reasons for the difficulty in Australian Visa.

  • The recent change in the immigration policy in the USA and UK does not encourage the immigrants to apply for these two nations. On the other hand, they will get the almost same standard of lifestyle, education and healthcare. For that reason, there is a sudden rush in the immigration application for Australia. On the other hand, the cut off mark for the popular skill has moved from 60 to 80.
  • The most popular visa for Australia was 457 Skilled Visa for permanent residency. However, this visa has been abolished and the difficulty to gain an Australian visa is increased.
  • The 457 Skilled Visa has been replaced with TSS Visa but it is not as flexible as the previous one. Along with that, you need a longer 4 years pathway to apply for the Permanent Residency.
  • WVP International receives Complaint from the aspirants as the maximum age has been reduced to 45. As per the new rule, it has become very difficult for the people above 33 years to score 70 to 75 points without a PhD degree.
  • As per the latest trend, it has been seen that the number of applicants aged between 29 to 32 years are having the maximum success in the Australian Visa application. It is due to the reason that they are having an awesome advantage both of the age and experience. They even don’t need to score high in the IELTS to prove their English proficiency.

What Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring Immigration Consultants

Even though permanent residency of foreign land makes every effort to create the programs with the requirements which are clear but still thousands of application forms are sent back every year due to the mistakes made by the applicants. These mistakes are listed in WVP International Complaints section which can easily lead to the rejection of visa. So, if you are going to apply for the temporary visa, permanent residence or citizenship then you must hire the agent to avoid the visa rejection mistakes. An immigration consultant is a licensed professional who helps you to immigrate from one country to another by following a legal procedure. There are many people who migrate to different countries but do it illegally. Such application forms get listed in the WVP International Complaints and are ousted as soon as the government or the country officials find this out.

Common accidental mistakes that might lead to visa rejection

There are some common accidental mistakes made by the applicants which are enough to reject your visa. Sometimes these mistakes can be corrected but many times it can cause serious repercussions and possibly mean the end of individual chances for the visa application. Let’s have a look at some of the common mistakes that are seen in the application forms which are enough to list in WVP International Complaints.

  • Not signing the application forms: This is one of the most common issues listed in the rejection of visa. Here the form is not signed at the place where the applicant is required to sign. Failing to sign the form properly means that the file is returned after it has been filed. There is an example where the form has a section that requires signatures if the translator is used. If no translator is used and you have mistakenly signed on the spot then chances of visa rejection increases.


  • Providing incomplete information: Giving misinformation is the application form is a serious offence as per the immigration laws. This is one of the most listed mistakes of WVP International Complaints. The government and other country officials depend on the applicant’s information to make a decision based on the file. They expect that the entire information that you have given is truthful. The consequences of providing misinformation or incomplete information are a rejected application form and a possible exclusion from visiting your dream destination. The difficulty in filing a form is that even innocent errors can be considered a misrepresentation.

Top Reasons That Are Enough To Break Your Foreign Trip Dream

Immigration procedure is in itself a complex task. To fulfill this task you need to hire an Immigration consultant. There are several agencies are prone to the WVP International Complaints. This basically results in the rejection of visa which leads in breaking your dream. Many visa applicants get confused and are unable to understand the reason for the visa refusal. There are several reasons which are listed in WVP International Complaints which should be kept in mind for not getting the visa application rejected. A visa application might also be considered unsuccessful if the embassy officer fails to get the required information and documents from the candidate.

Reasons for the rejection of visa for foreign countries

There are some of the common reasons listed in the WVP International Complaints which are responsible for the rejection of visa. Let’s have a look at all the reasons which can be avoided to get a successful visa.

Past or current criminal actions: The past or current situations and actions play an important role for the applicants who are applying for the visa. If you have any criminal cases then the visa may be refused as the applicant is considered as a threat to the public policy, internal security, or the public wealth of the preferred abroad area. These may include:

-drug abuse
-child abuse
– addiction

And many other serious crimes.

False travel document: This is the common issue found in applicants as they attempt to produce false documents or details to the embassy are absolute reasons for the visa denial or any other unfavorable consequences. It is the most common case listed in WVP International Complaints.

Damaged or tempered passport: This could also be a reason for the visa disapproval. So, always ensure that your passport is in a good state. Such cases generally occur when the passport pages are detaching or missing, when the cover of the passport is damaged, and so on.

Passport invalidity: This is also the reason for visa refusal. These cases may occur in some ways such as presenting the passport that does not have a valid period less than 3 months after the return from the visit, if the passport doesn’t have 2 different blank pages, if the passport is 10 years older, etc.

How One Should Get Through The Visa Procedure Successfully

There are many people who wish to travel to foreign destinations for fulfilling their dreams like higher education, visiting the relative and many more. For this, we need to fill the application form and invest money for the whole procedure. It’s always better to take help of the agency to save money and time. There are certain mistakes that we may do on the individual basis and are listed in the issues of WVP International Complaints which could be even responsible for our rejection of visa. Also, there are certain strict rules by the government body which could easily break our dreams if we fail to follow them. There are some factors that can be helpful in the procedure of making the visa in a simpler and peaceful manner without WVP International Complaints.

Helpful tips to fly and fulfill your dreams

Some tips and tricks one can remember while applying for the visa so that the applicants and the agent don’t suffer in any stage or procedure of obtaining the visa. This would be helpful and one can even recommend them to anyone who is travelling abroad for various reasons. Let’s have a look at the tips to fly at your dream location in foreign countries.

Always accomplish the requirements: This a general knowledge thing but many people forget that by producing the fake documents or by writing something authentic on their application forms. They also even skip out some of the information as it makes them feel alright but for the immigration procedure, it’s a huge blunder. It would be reported in the WVP International Complaints issue and would cost them heavy from all the sides. Embassies don’t entertain you after submitting the incomplete documents and your application form wouldn’t be processed any longer. Don’t waste your time and efforts by doing this as there are millions of application forms that the embassies have to deal with.

Mind the Details: Always enter the correct details as mismatching of details and documents could simply be the end of your application process and you may even get black-listed from visiting abroad. They will keep your name under the WVP International Complaints which are more than enough to break your dream and fantasies into pieces.